Introducing Aiko’s Dive

Remember that YA sci-fi novel I started working on a little over a year ago? It's finally done! The manuscript is tentatively titled Aiko's Dive and tells the story of how Aiko and Fletcher, characters from a work of flash fiction called The Octavius Job, become acquainted. I'm still terrible at writing about my stories, …

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Flash Fiction Prompt – “Falling”, “Revolt”, or “Possession” (500 words max)

I saw Blade Runner 2049 on Sunday, so that's where this came from. I'm not sure it's particularly great, but I have a soft spot in my heart for cyberpunk noir that matches (or exceeds) space opera. Hope you enjoy! Revolt (500 words) - written 10/10/2017 There was a hotel at the edge of town …

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